Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Closed Up and Necks

Well things are going well both bodies are closed up and necks are well underway.

Both bodies and  progress on the necks.
Harp in the background waiting on some attention

Monday, January 8, 2018

Starting 2018

I've got some more time to dedicate to building now so working on two of the builds that were put on hold while I finished the Weissenborn.

A Tenor Ukulele and a four string longer scale I'm calling a Cello Guitar.. This one will have an arm bevel..

working on shaping the backing for the arm bevel on the Cello Guitar

and done

Side braces installed and to start closing it up

Back glued on the Tenor Uke

Monday, December 25, 2017

Building a Weissenborn Style 4 Guitar

This was a gift which is why there was nothing here until it was done.

The plan was to build a pretty much classic Weissenborn, a style 4 which has the most ornamentation and all Koa wood. The only bits not Koa are the bracing (Mahogany & Sitka Spruce) , the bindings (Mahogany & Maple) and the majority of the peghead (Mahogany). The bridge is also Rosewood veneered with Koa..

This was my first try at making rope bindings it was "interesting" and a bit challenging especially incorporating them into the rosette..

Step One - Make a Form
I like this style because it can be adjusted
In many ways the build was simpler than a "regular" acoustic guitar but it did require a bit of thinking about the order of steps which is a bit different and the rope binding & rosette was challenging ...

Making the binding

Strips of mahogany & maple glued up on a 45deg angle

After the first glue up

Then cut along the 45deg angle into strips

Strips are glued to a purfling for both looks and support.. Lots of clamps
Bindings ready for a final sizing and sanding
Fretboard inlay

Filled with Timbermate harded with ca glue

Try #3.. ended up inserting it 3 or 4 segments @ a time
All the rest

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fall Guitar Building

Summer is done and vacation is over so time to get back to guitar building. I've got several projects on the go right now.

A couple of six string ideas a Uke and a Harp all in various stages of work. Should keep me busy over the fall and into retirement from the IT business..

Looking forward to the opportunity to devote more time to Lutherie.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

O'Brien Guitars Steel String Voicing Course

I just completed this 2 day workshop at O'Brien Guitars and while I did know the process and the steps involved in voicing a top for a steel string guitar it was great to be able to do that process with a master luthier and see and hear just how things should progress through the process...

Crossover Nylon String Finished

Well it took a bit longer than I hope and had it's challenges but the Crossover is finished..

Sounds decent I think.

Despite the issues getting it finished I think I might end up doing another at some point.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Just Need Some Strings

Feels good to be finally ready for setup and strings on this guitar. I'm very curious to see how it sounds as it is my first excursion int the classical/nylon sting world.

It is a basic classical body shape but with a narrower  and radiused fretboard. Bracing is based on a Flamenco guitar plan but modified to hopefully give back some sustain. ( Sorry Paco)..